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Medicine X at Stanford–a Patient Experience

Returning from Louisville after the flurry of San Francisco and the MedX conference, I’ve begun to digest some of the information that I was exposed to. A blog post by one of the other participants, Prosthetic Medic (another Louisvillian) summed up nicely where the emphasis of the conference was concentrated on–the patient. In his first post regarding the conference he talks about coming to the understanding that his diagnosis is “chronic”, in other words, his leg will never grow back. Yet as gut wrenching as that fact may be, his diagnosis does not define him. The conference helped him to understand the difference between surviving and living. The epatients at the conference have chosen the latter and they do so with gusto.

To get a sense of what the truly empowered patient can do here are some other terrific posts by MedX’s patient attendee’s:


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