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A Portal is Not Patient Engagement

Patient certainly don’t consider Portals the end-all be-all to patient engagement. Neither should physicians and C-suits


Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country attending events focused on engaging patients in their health and healthcare care using health information technologies. One key observation I have made is using a patient portal does not achieve true patient engagement for patients and providers.

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School daze

Of course Danny Gregory knows how to teach. He’s my teacher at Sketchbook Skool. But kids are a whole new arena. Here’s his thoughtful blog on what HE learned from his kids.

Danny Gregory


I don’t have loads of fond memories of teachers in high school. And most of the art teachers were especially forgettable. And as you know, the monkey voice in my head makes sure I still retain some ambivalence and self-doubt surrounding my own position as an artist and as a teacher. Nonetheless, I’ve agreed to spend a week with high school students at the International School of Kuala Lumpur and went with a few sketchy ideas and an open mind.

ISKL is a terrific school. It has students from fifty countries, all studying in English, and they go on to top universities in the US and Europe. Great art schools too, RISD, Cal Arts etc. They have lavish resources, a dark room, a theatre, art classes three times a week, a swimming pool, sports fields, a great library — so much more than Jack had in the NYC public schools…

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